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Definition: Distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune

Hypnosis treatment for anxiety is very successful and the changes are often profound. We know that anxiety is an emotional state characterised by feelings of inner turmoil and overthinking. This may be about past or future events  and creates nervous feelings of apprehension. 


This inner turmoil is unsettling and may make it hard for the person to focus, affect their appetite, their sleep habits and may produce nervous related behaviours such as bed wetting, nail biting, pacing the floor, fatigue, restlessness and panic, all of which add to the feelings of dread and growing unease.


 In society today, anxiety is very real as we face so many different ways in which something innocuous to one person can become very troubling to someone else. It may be from the pace of life, family dynamics, work difficulties, school troubles, or simply overload. It can be very obvious, or it can be a slow, emerging feeling that grows, its tell-tale signs being perhaps difficulty getting to sleep, feeling overwhelmed, or symptoms such as IBS, tummy aches, headaches or irritability.


In our solution focused hypnotherapy sessions we work with our clients to empower them with how the brain works, how we create anxiety from our negative thoughts and how this impacts our lives. 


 The biggest advantage we have is that in each solution focused hypnotherapy session we use psychotherapy with deeply relaxing hypnotic trance, which, allows positive changes to go in at a sub conscious level having a profound, quick and lasting effect.

Suitable for all ages.


Hypnotherapy Treatment Sessions Recommended: 6-12 

Call to discuss: 07972149938

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