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Woman in Pain


Definition: Highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury

Solution focused hypnotherapy is very useful in the management of acute and chronic pain and as an adjunct therapy to complex illnesses or conditions. 


We know how debilitating pain is, how it robs us of life’s joy and tires us out. It is understandable that someone experiencing pain may become highly stressed by the condition, have poor sleep and start to feel low in mood. However, these three bi products of pain also enhance the ‘pain’ felt because we feel pain more when our serotonin levels are lowered. Thus, it is possible to create a cycle of pain. 


Our gentle approach is based upon scientific evidence about how the brain processes pain, the mechanisms involved and how to effectively use techniques that allow us to turn the pain volume down. 


As we discuss how the brain works in each session, how the pain receptors work and how to manage this, small goals can be set, working towards creating a happier life. We know serotonin is the most effective ‘pain killer’ and that we can achieve a steady flow of serotonin by partaking in certain positive behaviours. 


Solution focused hypnotherapy is a blend of psychotherapy and hypnosis. The advantage of using trance as part of our focus hypnotherapy sessions is that we can develop positive 'goals' and let the subconscious go to work on them, whilst also calming the inflammation centres down.


Our sessions are on zoom, on the phone or in person. Hypnotherapy is not a cure for injury or illness and we are not medically trained so cannot give diagnostic suggestions. It is always suggested that your GP be consulted if you have experienced a new pain or have an increase of pain.




Hypnotherapy Sessions Recommended: 8- ongoing

Call to discuss: 07972149938

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