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Definition: A sudden overwhelming feeling of acute and disabling anxiety

Solution focused hypnotherapy is a very effective hypnosis treatment for panic attacks. We understand how unsettling a panic attack is. One has a racing heart, a sense of utter fear, dread, foreboding and a desire to escape, meaning one could literally push others out of the way, to get free. 


A panic attack is when the flight, fight and freeze response in the primitive brain is alerted. There is no middle ground here as once the trigger has been flipped the body is washed through with chemicals to deal with the perceived threat. Digestion is shut down, anything not required may be eliminated (urine or bowels) our heart rate will pick up to get oxygen ready for the muscles to take action and we will become hyper vigilant and alert, we may go sweaty and clammy and start racing around. 


Why are having this reaction when we are not in any ‘real’ danger? 


Part of our focus hypnotherapy is understanding how the brain works and how panic is created. How this mechanism is a feature of our primitive wiring and how with psychotherapy we can start to create a better response.

The real advantage we have in solution focused hypnotherapy is that we use trance, a deep state of relaxation so beneficial to reducing the fight or flight response. In this place of deep calm the ‘hold’ on the behaviour template, which is causing distress, can gradually be lessened and new more appropriate ways of behaving can be reintroduced. 




Hypnotherapy Treatment Sessions Recommended: 8-12

Call to discuss: 07972149938

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