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Definition: A powerful desire for something

Hypnosis treatment for cravings is wonderfully effective and all from the comfort of your armchair. We know cravings can range in seriousness from mild but still unwanted to full-blown, persistent and intrusive. As a Personal Trainer and Pre-diabetes Educator, I have found that the most common cravings among my clients were; wine, cheese, processed carbs, coffee, alcohol, chocolate and take away foods. Is this you too?

Healthy nutrition is one thing but how do we achieve this when we get urges, cravings and desires for things we know are not in our best interests? It’s like we have two voices, one pro having instant gratification and one that is trying to reason with us about our long-term health outcomes. 

This can be tiring and lead to feelings of loss of confidence, even self-dislike and a wish we were wired differently.

Well, you can be!! In our solution focused hypnotherapy session we will explore how your brain developed this craving as its ‘go-to’ and then as part of your hypnosis treatment we can in trance, encourage  the choices you desire, to be suggested to your subconscious mind and start the process of change. Gradually as your solution focused hypnotherapy treatment for cravings begins to work, you will see the urges fade and the new ‘go to’s’ as normal and ordinary.



Hypnotherapy Treatment Sessions Recommended: 8-12 

Call to discuss: 07972149938

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