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Definition: A deeply distressing or disturbing experience

Solution focused hypnotherapy for trauma can help enormously and its non intrusive nature means clients do not have to discuss their trauma, which can be very reassuring.


Trauma can result from an event, multiple events or a situation which is physically or emotionally harmful or life-threatening. The fallout from this affects an individual's ability to function healthily as their physical and emotional systems cannot adjust and they may be suffering from flash backs, broken sleep, panic, rapid heartbeat, angry outbursts, withdrawn, numb and disturbed.

Our forward focus hypnotherapy sessions are a blend of psychotherapy, neuroscience and hypnosis. Clinical hypnosis is really no more than relaxed daydreaming. However, in this relaxed place we can allow positive messages to be absorbed by the subconscious mind and this has an enormously positive affect for people to be able to cope and feel happier.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is an adjunct therapy. It is not a treatment for anyone in the grip of severe PTSD or someone who has recently suffered a severe trauma and requires medical or psychological assistance. However, we are happy to work alongside your team.



Hypnotherapy Sessions Recommended: 10-20

Call to discuss: 07972149938

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