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Definition: Frightened or worried about something that might happen creating feelings of tension and distress

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for pre event nerves is a very successful tool for enabling people to function with much more ease in stressful situations. Pre nerves about exams, driving tests or interviews can make us feel miserable and anxious and often they can make us feel we perform less well, that we make silly errors and we speak less fluently. But why?


We have two parts to our brains, a nice intelligent part that functions and operates very well, and a primitive part which gets all uppity and jumpy if it ‘perceives’ we are in some sort of danger. As the event 'looms' the primitive brain may take over creating these feels of anxiety.

With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy we start to calm the system down so that you are able to remain in your intellectual mind , focusing on the outcomes you want. The advantage of hypnosis treatment in our sessions is that in a deep state of relaxation we can imagine and rehearse staying calm and collected and even enjoying the event that is coming up and this enables us to relax and feel confident about our abilities to do well.




Hypnotherapy Treatment Sessions Recommended: 6-10

Call to discuss: 07972149938

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