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Definition: The zone of optimal functioning and flow

Solution focused hypnotherapy for peak performance is a powerful and exciting area of work. It may be called resilience training too, because at our peak we want to be able to not only deliver our best, but to also cope with the 'worst case' scenario brilliantly, automatically. 

Studies have shown that the neural pathways are fired and strengthened simply by imagining a process. The skill of focus hypnotherapy is in determining desired solutions and then in a deep state of relaxation mentally rehearsing these so that the desired responses become automatic.

Whilst training on the 'positives' seems obvious, training on our 'negatives' is equally important. What do I mean by that? If something unexpected occurred during your specific event, your foot slipped, you took a punch, the microphone made a funny noise, this could momentarily affect your flow. You may think "oh no! I've lost it- its a disaster". With resilience training we can rehearse 'disasters' slowly so that you can reframe and focus on solutions. Instead of experiencing the wobble, you are  prepared for it confident that your body and mind knows what to do in auto pilot.


Solution focused hypnotherapy is relevant for sports people, singers, dancers and those seeking to focus strongly on specific personal goals.




Hypnotherapy Sessions Recommended: Depends on situation and type of event 

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