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Definition: An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for phobias is very successful and quick, usually four hypnotherapy treatments is all that is required to be free from a phobia which may have lasted decades. 


 Phobias fall in to two camps. Specific phobias and unspecific phobias. A specific phobia is a particular thing such as cotton wool, spiders or lifts. An unspecific phobia may be a fear of open spaces, or of all birds, of enclosed spaces or of germs. 

Our modern and forward focus hypnotherapy for specific phobias is a blend of psychotherapy, NLP and trance during which we help erase the unwanted response and replace with a new, much happier memory, leaving you calm and in control no longer bothered by the thing you were so reactive to. 

With non-specific phobias we work with you over a longer period of time, 8-12 weeks. These sessions will explain how we think and store memories and then during the hypnosis treatment in a deeply relaxed state, we can let go of unwanted reactions and focus in on desired responses of normal, calm behaviour. 




Hypnotherapy Treatment Sessions for Specific Phobia: 4

Hypnotherapy Treatment Sessions for Non-Specific Phobia: 8-12

Call to discuss: 07972149938

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