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Public Speaker


Definition: The process or act of performing a speech to a live audience

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for public speaking is hugely empowering for enabling people to perform at their best, be it at a work event, an award ceremony or a wedding.


None of us like to feel nervous but public speaking can bring out physiological responses that may make us pale, shaky, monotone and our voices shaky. Not exactly what we want to celebrate our big event with.


However, worry not, it is all perfectly understandable when one considers that the primitive mind is perceiving the event as a 'threat' and preparing you for flight or fight.

Our forward focus hypnotherapy combine modern psychotherapy, neuroscience and as part of the hypnosis treatment we use trance. This means in a deeply relaxed state we can preview the event occurring and rehearse it, over and over, with you feeling calm and in control. These inner rehearsals enable the unfamiliar to become familiar and the ‘fear’ response is thus alleviated allowing you to enjoy your moment and shine.





Hypnotherapy Treatment Sessions Recommended: Depends on the event and time scale 

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