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Thank you for joining me here.....

I have spent my career in health and fitness, working extensively both in the corporate and private sector as an advanced health trainer, fitness presenter and coach. I had been observing the success of coaches using hypnotherapy, in sports, in business and in life coaching, and had been very impressed. It seemed that the subconscious mind may hold the key to our potential and that a person's potential may well be out of reach to them, if they are limited by subconscious doubts or patterns of behaviour.


Around this time developments in neuroscience and understandings about brain plasticity were beginning to emerge. These challenged traditional beliefs that the brain is fixed and that talking therapies are best protocol for anxiety related conditions. As I researched this more, I began to conclude that hypnotherapy was the most advanced form of 'life coaching' one could offer any client. That if one wanted an evidence based practice that delivered consistent results, then this was it.


My training with CPHT-Brighton (Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training), was life changing and surpassed my expectations. I now am able to work everyday with people, just like you, seeking to change things for themselves or their loved ones.  I hope I can help you too.

MA, BA, DSFH, HPD (reg-AfSFH, NCH, CNHC), Advanced Personal Trainer (including weight, nutrition and sports nutrition),  NHS Pre Diabetes Educator, Fitness Instructor, Yoga Teacher

I hold an Advanced DBS Certificate and I am fully Insured.

Pool Reflection Stretching


Lucy Faith Case

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