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Definition: A settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up

Our forward focus hypnotherapy is a blend of psychotherapy and hypnosis which is very effective in helping tricky habits. Habits come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe you grind your teeth? Pull your ears? Twist your hair? Bite your nails? Perhaps you get frequent headaches, or need to urinate a lot? Perhaps you have started to wash your hands a bit more often than you want? Or feel unless you stick to your routine you cannot cope? 


Generally speaking (ruling out a medical condition), most habits are related to stress and anxiety and are all about  how we are perceiving situations and the physiological responses that manifest as a result of our thinking. 


Solution focused hypnotherapy for habits is beneficial as it has the advantage that part of the hypnosis treatment is trance. Trance allows us to reduce the stress we feel and process it more effectively. Normally we process stress in REM sleep, but sometimes the duration of REM sleep is not adequate for the amount of stress we are enduring. So, trance can help us to return to a more normal, coping range.


As part of our hypnotherapy treatment each session focuses on imagining our preferred future without the habit and re directing the attention from the habit to other things. Gradually through repetition, new neural pathways are created, and the habit simply fades away and is forgotten about.



Hypnotherapy Treatment Sessions Recommended: 8-12

Call to discuss: 07972149938

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