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10 Reasons Why Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is Amazing

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

If you want to find out why Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is amazing, then read on. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has quite rightly obtained a remarkable status as an alternative therapy for many of our more common conditions which don’t really require medical intervention, but, we would prefer not to have any more, or at least, to have managed a lot better.

10 Reasons Why Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Is Amazing

1. The list of conditions it can improve is literally mind-boggling.

Be it in a clinical setting as a means of managing pain, hypertension, dentistry or surgery (yes you read that right), or in a therapeutic setting, of which the list is in excess of 25 conditions long. Including everything from menopause to panic attacks, IBS to nail-biting.

2. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can make a marked and profound impact on those suffering from anxiety, depression and stress.

Top of this list and perhaps influential in all of those 25 plus conditions are the main causes which often underlie them, namely anxiety, depression and stress. It deserves to be up there with meditation and mindfulness as one of the key, if not the key way, of creating lasting change using modern scientific understandings of brain plasticity.

3. Because Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is focused on outcomes and solutions.

It moves clients away from negative thinking, which is essentially the primitive brain at work. It fosters a lasting ability and skill to shift perspective into the solution part of the brain, the intellectual part. This is profound stuff!

4. In Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions, you learn a bit about how the brain works.

This is empowering to clients who may have been dogged by negative, intrusive thoughts or behaviours for decades. Why do I over-eat? How come I shake when speaking in public? Why am I chewing my nails? Why am I a failure? All these conditions of the mind and body, point the the fact that our subconscious can become negatively programmed at any point in our lives. That this can causes limiting beliefs and unwanted behaviours. Understanding this helps to resolve them efficiently and avoid it in the future. The subconscious mind can be reprogrammed for our success, and that’s what you’ll achieve in a Solution Focused Hypnotherapy session.

5. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is amazing for achieving goals!

The focus gained from positive thoughts, actions and interactions to achieve goals may be limited without trance as ultimately your weakness may be the odd negative day, the odd anxious moment and these will affect your goals and your outcomes. The power of trance on goals is like having brilliant petrol in the tank and lets you ‘go for it’ in a much more confident and focused manner.

6. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Is Effective and Quicker than other therapy methods.

Years of therapy and expense? Feeling miserable from recalling and recounting sad events that may be causing your unhappiness? Going around in circles? It is evidenced that talking therapies exacerbate anxiety and depression and are not always the best protocol. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy addresses anxiety and depression using modern techniques that move you away from endless spiralling thoughts and to start to focus on things that may be going well and building upon these. The outcomes are incredible, with people feeling back to themselves in a relatively short amount of time.

7. It's easy!!

I know we are accustomed to therapies being about our suffering or at least being as complicated as we may feel. However, Solution Focuses Hypnotherapy is an enjoyable process that is engaging and pleasant and gets excellent results for you fast. For half of the session you are totally relaxed and just receiving positive, focused, goal orientated messaging, letting the subconscious mind do the work and deliver the results to you with little effort, it just kind of happens.

8. You Leave With A More Positive Outlook on Life in General

Once you’ve had Solution Focused Hypnotherapy your viewpoint changes and your life can move forward across a range of areas. You may come to see a therapist for nail-biting but leave feeling confident enough to go after the job you want. That’s amazing!

9. It stands up to scrutiny.

It’s a very simple technique, but it is like an exquisitely formed pastry. It is not over complicated with flavours, but the ones it does have are exceptionally well-sourced and selected for maximum efficacy. As we know, doing simple is a skill, and like the pastry chef, years of skill go into being able to get that pastry right.

10. Metaphors are the language juice for the brain to grapple with.

Whilst you lie back and relax, your subconscious is getting a little workout. The language patterns and metaphors used in the Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions prompt the subconscious to find meanings within the stories for its own benefit. These meanings, transpose to changes that are then available to us consciously as choices we now can do and do easily. That’s amazing, is it not?

There you have it. 10 reasons why Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is amazing. If you want to give it a try, please do contact me. I would love to work with you to help you achieve your goals, to overcome your fears and live a more positive life full of opportunity.

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